Welcome to Alex's Tree Service, trimming hardwood trees, removal of unwanted trees, and trimming palm trees in Sarasota and Manatee Counties since 1994. 

Top Five Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed

1. So a tree won't fall on your house
         - Hazardous trees and branches can fall
           unexpectedly, damaging property
Because trees are messy
         -Many trees can litter your driveway, patios,
          and gutters with leaves, seeds, pollen ,and fruit
So your lot gets more sun
         - Overgrown branches can displace property,
            may impede sunlight, and block views

1. I'm a Florida Certified Arborist
       - I've been a Florida Certified Arborist since 2003, ISA #FL-1249A
2. I perform 100% of the tree trimming and tree removals
I'm at the job from start to finish, making every cut on the tree        
3. I'm about 1/2 the price of a many tree services
Always get three estimates, but make sure one is mine
4. I'll work with you
For a real low price, I can do the trimming and you can leave the debris
            for garbage pick-up
5. I love Sarasota

Top Five Reasons to Choose Alex's Tree Service
"My trees look amazing, thank you for a great job."
-Jennifer Fosen, Longboat Key

"I appreciate you answering all my questions and making me feel comfortable."
-Sarah Bucci, Bradenton

"It's nice dealing with people I can trust, you did a wonderful job."
-James Hilton, Sarasota

4. So your neighbors will be jealous
         - With the right care, your trees will look
5.  So you don't have critters on your roof
Limbs near building structures provide avenues
              for rodents and pests. Dirty palm trees are a
              have  rats and snakes.

Alex Driscoll
Certified Arborist #1249A