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Aboricola, Schefflera Arboricola 'Variegated'

The dwarf variegated schefflera is probably the most popular shrub within the past few years.  It can be kept down at two feet, or let grown to six feet.  It is a versatile shrub that does well in varying light levels and soil types.

The aboricola hedge makes a nice contrast to the ficus and bougainvillea.
Here the variegated arobricolas sit next to the traditional green variety of arboricola.  They do well as a foundation planting around pool enclosures and buildings.

The aboricolas sit at the second tier in this four tier screening including ilex below, and ligustrum and cabbage palms above.

Sheered wax myrtles shoot above the long variegated hedge.

Alex Driscoll
Certified Arborist #1249A