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Ficus, Ficus benghalensis

The words ficus and fig are used interchangeably to label the many trees in the ficus genus.  Popular in this region is the banyan tree, the stranger fig, and blue fescue fig.  Ficus trees are often used as interior house plants.  Left outside under the right  conditions, they can quickly grow into enormous giants.
Roots extend from ficus branches, reaching the earth and securing the tree to the ground as the tree expands.  Ficus is an excellent choice for quick shade.
Ficus trees are one of the few trees where "topping" is often a recommended pruning practice.  The crown reduction is necessary to keep the tree within bounds.    Pictured is a ficus tree that is regularly cut back.  Left unpruned, a ficus tree will continue growing indefinitely.
Alex Driscoll
Certified Arborist #1249A
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