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Ixora, Ixora coccinea
For large red flower clusters almost all year long, ixoras are unsurpassed.  New varieties are much more tolerant of alkaline soils and resist nematodes.

The red flowers go nicely with yellow in the variegated ginger.

Use ixoras to break the monotony of the ubiquitous green.  Fakahatchee grass,ligustrum trees, sylvester, and washingtonian palms come together nicely in this arrangement.

Though not as popular as the red, ixoras are available in yellow as well.

This dwarf variety of grows to about two and half feet with small leaves.  A cardboard plant pops up above the low ixoras. 

The dwarf ixoras contrast nicely to the yellow of the variegated arboricolas.

Alex Driscoll
Certified Arborist #1249A